EuroReels are a celebration of iconic moments from the 2021/22 Euroleague Basketball season. Each digital collectable is composed of detailed game stats and player histories, ensuring each reel's uniqueness and value.

"Every fan has the chance to participate and own a piece of competition history." The goal wad to provide fans the feeling of not just ownership, but a sense of connection to the game they love. I helped design the EuroReels Beta Pass concept. It offers early access to beta phases and exclusive collector on court benefits.
Lead UX Designer
Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Art Direction, Design Systems, Interaction Design
Sports, NFT
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Project Summary

I envisioned a future where basketball fandom could thrive in the metaverse. That's why EuroLeague isn't just about digital experiences—it's about entering 'EuroLeague Land', an immersive environment where fans can express their passion and connect with fellow enthusiasts on a whole new level. Collaborating with Clancy International, we paved the way for Web 3.0 integration, ensuring that our approach prioritizes authenticity, engagement, and technological innovation.

Key Challenges

We faced the uncertainty of navigating the blockchain landscape, but we remained steadfast in our commitment to fan safety and genuine value. We wanted EuroReels to be more than just speculative assets—we wanted them to offer tangible benefits, whether it's early access to games or exclusive physical merchandise.

Unlocking the Past, Present, and Future

EuroReels aren't just digital collectibles; they're a window into the heart of basketball history, living and breathing on the blockchain. Each reel encapsulates iconic moments, accompanied by in-depth player stats, career-defining plays, and current league information. My vision was to create an immersive experience where users could explore player backgrounds, view real-time stats, and even access AI-driven game outcome forecasts based on player traits and styles. This deep dive into the origins and contributions of players adds value beyond the metaverse, providing fans with a profound understanding of basketball's evolution and the players who shape its legacy.

Innovation Through Fandom

We’ve laid the groundwork for a new era of fan engagement. From the thrill of collecting rare EuroReels to the excitement of fantasy basketball in the metaverse, the possibilities are endless.