The Shft is here to transform the way brands manage their contracted staff, offering a direct marketing tool that empowers you to streamline operations effortlessly.

Create an easy to use tool for both Event Managers and Gig workers to plan and prep events, track progression, instantly document outcomes, and send payments effortlessly.
The Shft
Lead Designer
UX, UI, Prototyping, Research
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Effortless Event Management with intuitive Interfaces

The Shft redefines the traditional approach to managing contracted staff, offering a seamless and direct connection between brands and ambassadors. From streamlined onboarding to transparent communication, my design vision has empowered brands to navigate a new era of efficient, direct engagement.

User-Centric Experiences in a Powerful Marketing Tool

Through intuitive interfaces, I ensured that the platform enables direct engagement between ambassadors and well-known brands, eliminating the need for intermediaries. My design philosophy centered on fostering transparent communication and enhancing the overall collaborative experience.

The Skill-Enhancing Platform

By implementing custom training modules and a user-friendly interface, I facilitated the growth of brand ambassadors' skills. From general overviews to role-specific instructions, my design aimed to make staff training a streamlined and efficient process, ensuring that brands could manage their event staff with ease.

Effortless Event Management with intuitive Interfaces

With a shared calendar system, I facilitated the posting of events, seamless staff scheduling, and a straightforward process for brand ambassadors to signify their availability. My design methods aimed to simplify event logistics, ensuring a smooth experience for both brand managers and staff members.