Canadian Tire

One Digital Platform: Exceed customers’ evolving expectations by delivering a cohesive market–leading digital experience.

Pair best modern eCommerce practices with existing brand guides. Harmonize existing user mental models with new customer journeys. Elevate Canadian Tire as the number one eCommerce web experience. Reduce transaction times.
Canadian Tire
UX/UI Designer, User Researcher
Design Systems, Responsive Web Design,, UX, UI
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Create an improved customer experience with shorter transaction times.

A 5 Sprint initiative to encapsulate all 5 Triangle eCommerce banners into one congruent user experience on mobile, tablet, web and kiosk.

My role as a Lead UX Designer was to leverage best practice commerce research and enhance and introduce new global components such as Filtering, Product Landing Pages, Product Display Pages, Search Results Pages, Search functionality and Category structuring and more.

Once research and baseline prototypes were presented and approved, I collaborated with visual designers to consolidate and maintain coherent guidelines for the One Digital Product (ODP) design system. This system provided a future-proof modular library that can evolve as the company grows.

Enhance the experience through best practices.

Designing for a device-first environment for those who scan vs. read. The principle of elegant simplicity is used to drive succinct content, strong visual hierarchy and a human tone of voice to ease cognitive load and give customers control over their own narratives.

Elevate brand perception.

Trust in the brand starts with a feeling of care for the customer at every interaction point. That care is reflected in the attention to small details. Time spent upfront is prioritized to deepen customer relationships through the correct channels.

Apply efficiencies found with analytics.

Using guidelines established by both Baymard Institute and the Nielson Norman Group. My focus on the future state of the product detail page and search results was based on three major areas for improvement: Scannability, Component Efficacy, and UI Modernization.

Applied Design System

The One Digital Platfom design system and user flows were adopted into the Canadian Tire mobile app.

Canadian Continuity

By consolidating 5 different brand banners into a single congruent experience, we let each brand shine seamlessly while maintaining everything from account sign-ups, searching, filtering, and checkout to be a familiar shopping experience for the end user.

Forecasting Heat-Maps

I heat-mapped each Product Display Page on mobile, tablet, and desktop to find consistent user patterns that could dictate where call to actions, size and colour selections, and favourites could live on the page.