IBM Order Optimizer

A transformed content management with IBM Watson Content Hub, featuring a user-friendly UI and cognitive tagging for efficient organization. Delivering exceptional insights through fast meta tag keyword searches.

Design a system to enhance and optimize order processing and fulfillment for small and large businesses. Utilize Watson's advanced algorithms and data analysis to streamline supply chain processes, improve inventory management, and enhance overall order fulfillment efficiency.
UX/UI Designer
Data Visualization, UX, UI, Research
Supply Chain
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Fulfillment Revolutionized

This standout project involved collaborating on the design and user interface of IBM's Intelligent Fulfillment Optimizer. This next level solution leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline order processing, enhance inventory management, and elevate overall fulfillment efficiency. My contributions ensured a seamless and intuitive user interface, synthesizing complex data into robust patented modules allowing stakeholders to harness the power of AI-driven optimization effortlessly.

Intuitive UI

By meticulously designing intuitive user journeys, I played a key role in enhancing the accessibility and functionality of this intelligent solution. Through thoughtful UI elements and user-friendly interactions, I empowered stakeholders to navigate complex supply chain processes effortlessly. This project is a testament to my commitment to simplifying intricate systems and making advanced technologies accessible to all users.

Elevated Efficiency

I contributed to the creation of an interface that goes beyond aesthetics—delivering a truly efficient and enjoyable user experience. The Fulfillment Optimizer, with its advanced AI capabilities, required an interactive experience that seamlessly integrated powerful features into a concise interface.

By harnessing the power of Watson's intelligent and dynamic omni-channel fulfillment process, you no longer have to juggle competing parameters. Watson explores billions of real-time options, learning continuously from your data to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective order sourcing, processing, and shipping every time.

Mustafa Peshawarwala CEO, Royal Cyber